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For over 20 years I had prints made from my favorite slides, but I was never happy with the end results. Even custom Cibachrome prints were not able to capture the subtle shadow and highlight details or color saturation of my original transparencies. With the advent of digital technology, all of that changed! Prior to switching to digital capture I was able to scan my transparencies with very high resolution such that all the rich detail of the original slide was retained. Now I use digital cameras to capture the image. I optimize the digitized image in the computer for color, contrast, and shadow detail. Using Adobe Photoshop CS4, a phenomenal level of control is possible - far beyond that of a traditional color darkroom. Finally, I print the finished image on an Epson printer which uses archival Ultrachrome inks to produce photographic prints that will literally last for generations. The results are nothing short of spectacular!
For a number of years, I have been making composite panoramic photographs. At first, I used Fujichrome Velvia 50 transparency film and a traditional 35 mm single lens reflex camera. To digitize the image, I scanned the film using a Nikon Super CoolScan 4000 ED film scanner. I then imported the digital file into Adobe Photoshop CS, where I have precise control of contrast, brightness, and color to match the original transparency as closely as possible. I have now switched to digital capture using full-frame Canon DSLR's, specifically, the Canon 5D Mark II and 6D. This allows me to skip the scanning step with the added benefit that the files are much cleaner than slide scans. To produce the panoramic photographs appearing on this website, I carefully shot two, three or four frames from a level tripod at the original scene, with each frame overlapping the next by 25–40%. I then combined the files into a seamless, composite panorama using PanaVue Image Assembler, Panorama Maker, or Photoshop CS5 software.

All images on this website are available as fine art prints.  See the tables below for sizing and pricing.

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16 inch wide panorama


26 inch wide panorama


36 inch wide panorama


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